In 1981, God spoke to Billy and his wife Mary, and said that He was tired of His church talking about His power but not walking in His power. God told Billy that He was sending him to demonstrate His power to this generation.

Billy has been a missionary, evangelist and teacher for over thirty-five years. Through his teaching, books, CDs and videos he has taken the gospel into forty-eight nations.

Through his simple style of teaching, he has taught and demonstrated the Word of God in churches and bible schools around the world. The goal of this ministry is to teach the church to walk in its God given authority and power.

Billy and Mary minister to both physical and emotional healing, as well as salvation and deliverance to literally thousands of people in their meetings each year. Through the operation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit, many people who were crippled, blind, and deaf have received dramatic instantaneous miracles.

Many cancer and AIDS patients have also testified to their miraculously healing through the prayers of Billy and Mary.

If you would like to have this powerful ministry team come to your church please contact our office by email.