Pastors Billy and Mary Smith have been anointed by God to demonstrate His awesome power to this generation. They carry the Gospel of Salvation to literally thousands of people in their meetings each year.

Salvation means to be made whole spiritually, mentally, physically and financially.

Billy grew up in the home of a very abusive alcoholic father who not only abused his mother but his brothers and his sister as well. Billy’s father tried to kill him more than a dozen times as he was growing up. By his mid to late twenties, Brother Billy had gone through many sicknesses and several operations. Both his feet had been operated on as well as both knees. Billy also had two back operations and three heart attacks. As a young men he was experiencing three to four Epileptic seizures per day.

In 1981, Billy experienced an auto accident, in which his head was partially crushed. The doctors told Mary, his wife, that he would not live through the night.

However, with prayer and faith in God’s Word, Billy now shares this testimony of God’s dynamic power in his life, that deified what doctors and other medical professionals perceived to be a hopeless situation. When it looks as if the Devil has won – all that is – is an opportunity for God to show His power and His authority.

Brother Billy has been a Missionary – Evangelist and teacher for more than thirty-five years and has taken the Gospel into forty-eight nations of the world. As a teacher, he has taught God’s Word in Bible Schools around the world. As an author, his books have now been printed in English, German, Turkish and French.

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