Yvonne Spiller, Schweinfurt, Germany

Last year Billy Smith was in Schweinfurt Christian Center in Schweinfurt, Germany. I was pregnant with my forth child and was experiencing great difficulties. I already had been to the hospital on an IV to keep the baby from coming in the 32nd week. At the time of the healing seminar, I was on pills to keep contractions away.

I could barely walk, the head of the baby was completely down on my cervix and my legs were way to weak to carry all the weight. So I was walking pretty funny and had great pain most of the time.   Billy Smith prayed for me that night. When he commanded the head of the baby to move back up, everybody could see my belly shift. Immediately I was able to walk without any pain and I could no longer feel the babies head pushing down anymore.

Billy Smith also commanded the baby to come at the right time and he prayed for a quick labor, of exactly 3 hours. The very next day I went to the hospital. The doctor took an inside ultrasound to check for the babies head on my cervix and to see if I had dilated.

The doctors face was priceless as he discovered that the baby had moved back up and clearly on the ultrasound we saw about 2 cm between his head and my cervix. Since the doctor thought that the baby was 38 weeks, he said that we would try to induce labor since the baby was so big.

I had my appointment at the clinic and I got induced. At first the contractions started coming regularly and my cervix had already come forth, but all of a sudden the contractions stopped and the nurse who checked for my cervix told me it went back up.

I asked her what that meant and she said she had no clue it had never happened before. The doctor said such a thing was impossible that maybe two different nurses had two different opinions. But I told him it was the same nurse.   They put me on an IV and pushed me up to the highest limit they could give me but nothing happened. Two days later my doctor went on vacation and I had to see a different doctor. He found out, that my baby was 36 weeks and not 38. So God Himself kept this baby from coming too early. My water broke as I was 40 weeks pregnant. I looked at the time, the first contraction started it was 2300. Exactly three hours and one minute later my son was born. Praise GOD!!!

Uaren Dörr, Hamburg, Germany

I am a nurse and I want to testify that I was healed when Billy prayed for me. I saw with my own eyes how my right leg and the leg of others grew longer when Billy prayed. People were filled with joy. Billy doesn’t pull or turn while praying for the legs. Praise the Lord!

Claudia Stenzel, Ludwigsburg, Germany

Since birth, I have been suffering from hip problems. My thighbone wasn’t properly in the socket. My older sister had exactly the same problem and got a brace from the Doctor.   Because my mother felt sorry for me she didn’t want me to have to wear a brace. She did not consider the outcome. While growing up that strain on my hips caused extreme pain and my leg was numb. This condition lasted for 28 years until I was healed. I haven’t had any symptoms since.

Gisela Gunschinietz, Hamburg, Germany

From birth I had deformed hips and this caused my legs to turn in and my left leg was shorter than my right by 2 cm.. The doctor told me, about 2 years ago, this also caused a deformed vertebra.   For the past two years, I’ve had severe pain in my bones in my right pelvis and since July 1996, continuous pain in my entire pelvis as well as both legs and feet. I had pain when I sat, stood, walked and laid down, I couldn’t move without experiencing pain. The doctor also told me I had arthritis and that I needed 2 new pelvises. I took very strong medicine. I believe God more than the doctor. On April 24, Brother Billy said, while he was praying to reach out and receive healing. I did it! I sat on my chair and knew that only God can free me from pain and heal my pelvis. I felt a pleasant warmness around my pelvis and my thighs, I have never felt this before. I knew deep down in mt heart that the Holy Spirit was doing His work. I felt joy and secure, all this lasted about a minute or more. Then, I felt no pain, when I sat and moved. At home I checked myself and I could move my legs all directions with out pain. I could not do this before. Praise God! Today is the 30th of April and I am still moving without pain, I don’t need a new pelvis, God has restored mine. Hallelujah! I was also healed of an earache I had for several weeks. It was a sharp pain from my left ear to the side of my head. God is wonderful and Jesus is still the healer, according to His Word. Jesus is real and Jesus heals. By the way, I worked in surgery for 3 years.

Dr. Gernot Mutschmann, M.D. Specialist in surgery

It is know that when a leg is shorter than the other, this is due to a twist in the spinal column and pelvis. I saw in the evening healing service on April 27, 1997, how a man’s leg, which was shorter than the other by 6 cm, grew to the same length as the other leg, through the healing of the spinal column and intervertibal disk.

This took place without pulling or any other manipulation. A certain sister could only move her left shoulder joint to 100 degrees before the healing. After the healing took place she could move her arm to 170 degrees. Many other brothers and sisters also received healing in the area of the shoulder joint. Another sister was set free from a spirit of suicide. Many others were healed from diabetes and hypoglycemia, they were told to go to their Doctors to be examined and have their blood checked. An elderly lady who could hardly walk, she needed 2 persons to assist her, after being healed, could walk on her own, without any assistance. On the 28th of April 1997, in the evening healing service with Billy Smith, more than 100 people with back and joint pain and problems were healed. As for me something that was very noticeable was a certain woman, said that she was to undergo a kneejoint operation. God healed her immediately and the operation is now necessary. She was completely free from all pain and discomfort. One woman had a heart problem. Her heartbeat was very irregular. This is called “Arrhythmia”. She was healed from a blood pressure problem and her pulse became normal at the very moment the miracle took place and the heartbeat was completely regular. A girl about 12 years old and another about 20 years old were miraculously healed from a very badly deformed spinal column. Before the miracle took place they had a hunch on the right side of their back.