Word of Life Church

Hy 287,  Mansfield, TX. (817) 473 – 1881
November 28, 2006

I am writing this letter to introduce Evangelist Billy Smith. I have known him for almost 20 years. During this time he has ministered to our congregation many times. I have watched Billy Smith’s ministry grow to an international ministry that has been used mightily of God in over 40 countries as well as extensively in the U.S. He maintains the highest level of integrity and has never pressured the people to give. His focus remains the salvation of souls and the restoration of lives.

Each time Rev. Smith comes to our church, people are able to see supernatural healing’s and literal miracles take place before their eyes. In a recent meeting a person who was almost totally deaf had her hearing restored, several people with sever back pain were healed and many other visible healing’s took place.   I would highly recommend that you have Rev. Billy Smith come and minister to your congregation. Your congregation will never be the same.

Sincerely, Pastor H. Wayne Biggs

Pastor Bill Hawbolt

Cornerstone Assembly of God,  4490 Gordon Rd.,  Wilmington, NC 28405

To Whom It May Concern:
Billy Smith was scheduled to be with us from Sunday through the following Wednesday. God was preforming many miracles during this time with us so we asked Billy if he would stay until the following week. He stayed through to the following week and God continued to touch people’s lives.

Some of the miracles were as follows:
Our drummer, John, who was carrying an air tank for the last three years was completely healed. They have since come and picked up all of his breathing apparatus and he is still walking in health.   Another miracle was a child, about 8 months old, who after having been born with his insides on the outside and had been operated on several times. Because of an infection the doctors wanted to operate again. Brother Billy had the church agree with him in prayer and the baby was completely healed. They did not operate.

There was another gentleman who had to adjust his walk after having his back and legs straightened out. A young man who was diagnosed with Crones Disease and only given one year to live was completely healed. His appetite is back and the bleeding has stopped. Another gentleman was prayed for due to severe kidney problems and the poison level dropped on the next readings.

There were a number of other reports of Fibromyalgia, Back Pain, Hearing Problems, Depression and a realm of other things God touched through Billy while he was here. There are untold reports of those who were encouraged and a number of other ministers in the area were also encouraged to hear our reports. God is still in the healing business!   If you want a touch of God in your church and in your life, or maybe you are questioning whether God even heals any more, I would highly recommend that you have Billy Smith minister in your area. We are anticipating having Brother Billy back as soon as his schedule allows for it. Until then, we will continue to believe for and expect the miraculous through regular healing meetings.   Believe that God is not a liar and that He will honor what He said. God is good, ALL the time!

In Our Fathers love, Pastor Bill Hawbolt

Grace Temple Assembly of God

4500 South Riverside Dr,. Ft. Worth, TX. 76119 (817) 536 – 5619 

I am writing this letter to introduce the ministry of Evangelist Billy B. Smith. I have been Bro. Smith’s pastor for 30 years. He has always remained faithful to his church and to the calling of God on his life.

Bro. Smith and his wife Mary have developed a very strong international ministry. He has ministered in more than 40 countries, as a teacher and evangelist. Bro. Smith has published many books, of which five have been on the best seller list.

Bro. Smith’s ministry has a very strong demonstration of God’s power in healing and miracles. I have witnessed many in our congregation receive miraculous healing’s in their bodies over the years. I have also had several of my staff, who traveled with Bro Smith, who witnessed these same outstanding miracles taking place in churches around the world.

Bro. Smith has ministered to crowds of thirty (30) and forty (40) thousand but he has never forgotten the smaller churches. His meeting often have to be extended two or three weeks.   Because of the simplicity of his message and his faith in God’s word, I believe that your congregation would be greatly blessed to have Bro. Smith’s ministry.

Your Partner in Christ, Pastor Harold Nichols